CCTV Cameras From Scratch: Security Camera System

CCTV Cameras From Scratch: Security Camera System
Source: Abderrahim ACHRARAG via Udemy
Release date:Last updated 4/2018
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This Course of IP Video surveillance Systems provides a foundation of knowledge and a some of usefull tools that will help you to interact with any IP surveillance systems.

Many of the concepts covered here are reflected in different worldwide VMS and Cameras Certifications Design Engineer, Certifictions Integration Technician, and also certifications Integration Engineer.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to start business in Video surveillance system.
  • Pre-sales or Inside sales of CCTV Security System.
  • Engineering consultants specialising in Security System or consulting office.
  • Installers of Security System.


  • A basic understanding of Network
  • ALL you need is taught within this course!

What you’ll learn

  • Design, install, configure, troubleshoot, or otherwise interact with any IP surveillance systems.
  • Describe the camera properties that contribute to the required image quality for a given surveillance objective.
  • Advise your customers about product selection, and give them a competitive offer.
  • Describe the different codec methods for compressing and encoding video.
  • Design any type of video surveillance system.
  • Use some tools help you to optimize and choose the most comply and cheapest security system to WIN a project.
  • Describe the different storage options that may be used in each security system.

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