Create Gourmet Vegetarian Salads with Super Food Ingredients

Create Gourmet Vegetarian Salads with Super Food Ingredients
Create Gourmet Vegetarian Salads with Super Food Ingredients
Created by Victoria Holder


On this course you will learn how to make three nutritious and delicious gourmet salads. Two of the recipes are vegan and the third is vegetarian but easily adapted. All are wheat and gluten free, and contain healthy ingredients, rich in essential vitamins. You will learn more about nutrition and how certain foods can benefit you.

The course is taught in a visually exciting, engaging way, with multi-angle footage, including close-ups to get you right in the thick of the action.

Once you have completed this course you will be able to create gourmet salads, packed with super food ingredients, which will give your body what it needs for a healthier and happier you.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone keen to learn more about healthy, delicious food.
  • All levels are welcome!
  • Suitable for beginners due to clear, easy-to-follow steps at every stage.
  • Suitable for experienced students due to clever course breakdown which allows you to skip pre-skills.
  • Ideal for vegetarian and vegans.


  • No previous experience or special equipment required.
  • You will need a kitchen with basic cooking equipment.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to create delicious vegetarian/vegan salads.
  • Understand more about nutrition and health benefits.
  • Impress friends and family with these inventive salads.
  • Become more confident in the kitchen with a host of useful cooking tips and techniques..
  • Discover the best ways to select and store vegetables.


Since I am a vegetarian person my options of having good healthy tasty food is always limited. But this course was so wonderful that now i see so many options to give my cravings a proper justice. Thank you!


Everything sounds so good. My daughter and I will enjoy all three, my husband maybe one of them. I’ve been looking to find more ways to incorporate more vegetarian foods into our diets for variety, and these fit the bill nicely.

Heather Barker

Nate Jorden

Successful thanks to the Udemy platform. That's why I got the desire to share free courses with the whole public. People, students who want to progress or learn something new in their profession. And save their money of course.

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